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This is a university with red gene,It is the only provincial public undergraduate university with a union background in the country。1938,Anti -Japanese War period,She was born in Yishui County, a revolutionary old district; 1950,After the founding of New China,As a cadre school for the development of the trade union as a cadre school of the Shandong Provincial Federation of Trade Unions; 1987,Spring wind facing reform and opening up,Converted into the School of Management Cadre, Shandong Provincial Trade Union; 2013,Enter the new era,The approval of the Ministry of Education was converted into ordinary undergraduate universities,Refined to Shandong Institute of Management。

School is located in Jinan, Quancheng,Existing Changqing、Two campuses of Licheng,covering an area of ​​730,800 square meters,Building area 309,700 square meters。The school is "Shandong Civilization Campus",Beautiful environment for educating people,School running conditions are complete,Build 107 internal experimental training rooms、129 off -campus internship training bases、Advanced Smart Study Teaching Building、Complete functional indoor and outdoor stadiums、Red Bookstore、College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center;,Paper Paper Book of 1.2162 million copies,Electronic books 1.701 million copies,Wireless network campus full coverage。

816 faculty and employees,Among them, 600 full -time teachers; 237 teachers with senior professional and technical positions among the teachers,"Double Teachers" teacher 237 people,Dr.、Master's degree teacher accounts for 91.18%。1 national candidate for the "Million Talent Project" in the new century、Enjoy 1 expert at the State Council's special allowance expert、1 member of the Teaching and Guidance Committee of the Ministry of Education、1 chairman of the Shandong Provincial Undergraduate Education Euro 2024 Qualifiers betsTeaching Guidance Committee、Shandong Province has a prominent contribution to 1 person in young and young experts、3 provincial teaching teachers、4 provincial outstanding teachers、Provincial May Day Labor Medal 1、Provincial Fumin Xinglu Labor Medal 2 people、Qilu Harmonious Messenger 1、1 winner of the Chinese Quyi Peony Awards,Having 2 in the team of Huangda Nian -style teacher in Shandong Province、3 "Qingchuang Team Plan" team in Shandong Province。

The school insists on talent training as the center,Implement the fundamental task of Lide Shushu。There are 33 undergraduate majors、11 college majors,Facing 18 provinces (cities nationwide、Autonomous Region) Enrollment,More than 1,2800 full -time students。The school currently owns 3 national first -class undergraduate construction points、2 provincial first -class undergraduate construction points、1 provincial high -level application professional group 1、Provincial application -oriented talent training professional 1,National first -class undergraduate course 3、National Teaching Resources Library Course 1、Provincial first -class undergraduate courses、Provincial curriculum ideological and political demonstration courses 4、Shandong Provincial Course Alliance Platform 48 Course,"Fourteen Five -Year Plan" National Planning Teaching Material 1、2 parts of first -class textbooks for ordinary higher education in Shandong Province。In the provincial level and above teaching competitions in the past three years,The school won 2 national second prizes,Provincial Special Prize 2 items、12 first prizes、10 items of the second prize、Third prize 15 items。In the last two provincial teaching achievement awards selection,2 items won first prize for the school、Second prize 8 items。In the past three years, students have won more than 2,000 competition awards in the provincial and above;、Provincial 171 items。The school has been approved by the national "New Engineering Research and Practice Project" for the project、Shandong Provincial Undergraduate Universities Construction Support Unit、Construction Unit of the School of Hyundai Industrial, Shandong Province,is the second batch of "1+X" certificate system pilot institutions of the Ministry of Education、The Ministry of Education "Internet+Made in China 2025" production and education integration promotion plan construction institution、The Ministry of Education Data China "Hundred School Projects" "Education and Education Integration Innovation Project Construction College。The school has been rated as "Advanced Unit of Employment Work European Cup 2024 Predictions-Championship Predictions-Betting Oddsof Graduates in Shandong Province" "Evaluation of Talent Training Work Leveling Outstanding Unit in Shandong Province"。

The school adheres to the strategy of strong scientific research school,Deepen the scientific research platform and team construction。The existing Smart Manufacturing and Data Application Engineering Laboratory of Shandong Province、14 provincial -level scientific research platforms and more than 20 school -level scientific research platforms including the digital transformation and intelligent management laboratory of enterprises and the Smart Management Laboratory。"Thirteenth Five -Year Plan",Teachers are approved by the National Social Science Fund、16 national topics such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China,150 provincial and ministerial topics; published 1420 academic papers; 85 publishing monographs; 26.71 million yuan in horizontal subjects,and Le Ling、Yishui and other 43 local governments signed a strategic cooperation agreement; the School of Labor Relations with China、Shandong University of Finance and Economics and other well -known domestic universities、A good cooperative relationship established by the Scientific Institute; 111 items of the Provincial Department of Scientific Research Achievement Award,Among them, the second prize of outstanding achievements in Shandong Social Sciences、Third prize 3 items2,The third prize of the Shandong Provincial People's Government Decision Consultation Award 1,Shandong Province Cultural Innovation Award 1 item。The school gives full play to the innovative function of cultural heritage,Become a national intangible cultural heritage project inheritance base、National Shandong Qinshu Art inheritance and Development Practice Base、Research Base of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Shandong Province、Shandong Province's Intangible Cultural Heritage Heritage Heritage Heritage Heritage Heritage Heritage Public Training and Training Base、Shandong Guqin Heritage Base、Shandong Province Social Sciences Popularized Education Base。The school gives full play to the discipline professional advantage,Actively connect with the major development strategy of the Provincial Party Committee,Active contribution to local economic and social development。

School 赓 Renewal Trade Union Gene,Constantly highlight the characteristics of running school。The school is the training base of the union cadre of the Shandong Province and the theoretical research base of the union, There is a union cadre education Euro 2024 winner predictionand training college and the Qilu craftsman research institute、The Institute of theoretical Research of Trade Union、Shandong Workers' Movement Research Association。"Thirteenth Five -Year Plan",Holding a joint training course for union cadres,Cumulative training of more than 29,200 people,11 provincial -level large -scale employee competitions 11 times。The school has been rated as "National Trade Union Cadre Education and Training Demonstration School", "Excellent Demonstration Site of National Employees Education Training", "National Trade Union Women's Workers Training Demonstration School", "Shandong Provincial Trade Union Women's Workers Training Demonstration School",Divided "Fulun Lulu Labor Award" "The May 1 Labor Award of the province"。The "Shandong Trade Union Forum" hosted by the school is the core journal of China Industrial and Transportation, which is publicly issued at home and abroad、Chinese Political Professional Journal、Chinese humanities and social science journals AMI comprehensive evaluation expansion journal、Excellent Journal of East China、Shandong Province Excellent Journal、RCCSE China Statue Core Academic Journal,Selected "2022 Copy Newspaper Information High Reproduced Journal List"。

The school implements an open school running strategy,with the United States、UK、Canada、Germany、Australia、Russia、South Korea, including 42 universities in more than 20 countries and regions,Communication in teachers and students、Scientific research cooperation、Cooperative school、Joint training and other aspects have established multi -level、Multi -form communication and cooperation relationship。

Standing on the new historical starting point,Correction to comprehensively deepen comprehensive education reform,Implementation of connotation development、Featured Development、Innovative development、Open Development、Five major development strategies for harmonious development,Strive for the target of high -level applied universities with distinctive features!

(Data as of September 12, 2023)

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