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School motto

Mingde Hongyi learns

"Mingde Hongyi" meaning: Mingde from "University",The original text is: "University of University,In Mingmingde,In parental,Stop at the best "。Mingde: "Ming",One is understanding、Clear,The second is to understand、Learn,Three for promotion、Delow it; "De",Fingers Pin Line、Quality、Moral。Hongyi: From "The Analects  Taibo ",The original text is: "Zeng Zi said: Shi Shi can not be Hongyi,A long way to go。"Zeng Zi is a disciple of Kongmen Zeng Shen。According to the explanation of Zhu Xi of the Southern Song Dynasty: Hong,Wide also,Yi,Perseverance,Feihong cannot win it,Non -Yiyi cannot cause it to be far。This means a kind of wide mind and vision、With perseverance and perseverance,Facing the attitude of life,Only this,It is possible to realize the great ideal and ambitions。At the same time,It also means that intellectuals' sense of responsibility for society、The self -confidence of the world as its own responsibility。

The meaning of "learn from": From the 19th chapters European Cup 2024 Predictions-Championship Euro 2024 Qualifiers betsPredictions-Betting Oddsof the Book of Rites ",The original text is: "Learning from,Question,Thinking about it,Differential,Du Xingzhi。"" learning "means,Learning must first hunt widely,Cultivation of abundant curiosity。"Bo" also means Boda and tolerance。"Du Ying" means that since there is something to learn,Strive to practice,Make what I learned finally implemented,To achieve "integration of knowledge and action"。"Du" and loyalty,Settles,One intention,Perseverance meaning。

School spirit

Dunpin Li Xueye Explore the truth, pursue excellence

Interpretation: "Dun" is the meaning of encouragement,"Qi" is Fen Mi、The meaning of dedication,"Dunpin Li Xue" means "tough morality,Study Learning ",This is the requirement for students to put forward the "Xingxing and Academic initiates" for students。Excitement: Refinement: From Han Yu's "Entry Learning" "Karma Fine Diligence and Delivery,Traveling in the Thinking Destruction "。"Exciting Industry" is to propose "hard work to learn,Draw professional knowledge,The Spiritual Spirit (Craftsman's Spirit),and "Have superb business、The training goal of high -quality applied talents with excellent skills "。Du Xing: From "Book of Rites", "learn from ourselves、Question、Thinking about it、Differential、Du Xingzhi。"" "Du Xing" is the last stage of learning,Since there is something to learn,It is necessary to practice and practice,To achieve "integration of knowledge and action"。"Du Xing" requires students to put their studies on the one hand,Seeing it in action; on the one hand, it must be down -to -earth,True Grabbing,Perseverance。Explore the truth,Pursuit of excellence: "End with virtue and talents,Increased and Fingithful One "further proposes longer and more specific requirements,The footsteps that never European Cup 2024 Predictions-Championship Live Betting on Euro 2024 MatchesPredictions-Betting Oddsstop exploring the truth,constantly surpass self,Become a better yourself。

School Wind

Chongwu can be realistic and innovative

Interpretation: Labor is the fundamental force to promote the progress of human society,Chongwu can reflect the school to show the beauty of labor、The tradition and characteristics of the school running for educating people; seeking truth from facts is the core of the Chinese Communist Party's ideological route,Practicing innovation reflects the school's down -to -earth,Pursue truth,Along with the times,The attitude of the school governance of persistence。The school style has attracted the work of teachers and students through hard work、Honesty labor、Creative labor,The attitude of seeking truth from facts and the spirit of continuous innovation continues to improve personal ability,The ardent expectation of contributing to the construction of a socialist modern country。

Teaching Wind

Learning to teach the long

Interpretation: Study widely、Rigid thinking,can you be able to learn high as a teacher、Body is a fan; teaching and educating people,Teaching and learning affect each other's influence and promotion,Get improved。Requires all teachers to strengthen the moral cultivation,Table of Teachers,Conflying to learn,Develop rigorous studies in the process of teaching and learning,A down -to -earth attitude and style。

Learning Wind

Diligence, consciousness, knowledge and action

Interpretation: Diligence and thought,Both must not be abolished。Knowing Zhongyou,Knowing in the line,Only the two are perfectly combined,can continuously improve the self,Realization of transcendence。Require students to study hard,Also good at thinking; both cultivation ability,You have to apply it again。

School Song

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The songs are divided Euro 2024 Qualifiers betsinto Euro 2024 winner predictiontwo sections。Section 1 shows the school motto of "Mingde Hongyi's learning",Lead the students with a long mind,The spiritual connotation of the ideal and ambitions。Schools always closely linked to the pulse of the times,Freshly plow、Lide Tree,No change at the beginning、Go forward。Section 2 shows that the school adheres to "Dunpin Qixue、Exciting Industry、Explore the truth、School spirit of pursuing excellence,Effective effort towards the Chinese dream in the new era。Here,Qunying is vigorous、Verma,Dunpin Li Xue、Shan Zhiyan Si。They learn the sea、Yongchuang Future,Guojia country、Felling in the mission。End part,Colorment of lilac open garden,Fragrant Mountain Pipeline Council,Contains school whipping altar、Teaching and educating people,Xing Xuebu Cai、Teaching concepts of Li Renli。Students Fenghua Zhengmao、If you know how to know thirst,Their youth stay here,Ideal Sails sail here,Ideal Sails sail here。

The whole song is integrated,Strict structure,Lyrics Simple,Lang Langkou,The style is fresh, simple and magnificent。The song is powerful、Entrusted,Inspiring the teachers and students of the whole school for pioneering,It has strong artistic value and practical significance。

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