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Writing experience sharing of high -level papers

Published: 2024-04-23 Click:

Time: April 24, 2024 14:30 pm

Location: Meeting Room 211, Boshi Tower

Expert Introduction:

Wang Yuyan,Female,Dr.,Level 3 Professor,Doctoral supervisor,MBA academic mentor,Youth Expert (Provincial Talent),Provincial Excellent Graduate Tutor; "Research and Innovation Team of Research and Innovation Team" of the Outstanding Youth Innovation Team of Higher School in Shandong Province,Jinan Innovation Team "Smart Logistics and Supply Chain Decision Innovation Team" leaders。The vice chairman of the Academic Committee of the Shandong Provincial Institute of Modern Financial Development,China Sustainable Operation and Management System Branch Executive Director,China Overvices Law and Economic Mathematics Research Association Intelligent Decision and Game Branch Director,Acting experts from the Degree and Graduate Education Development Center of the Ministry of Education,Experts from the Review of Shandong Science and Technology Projects。Long -term,Dedicated to supply chain management、Emergency management of emergencies in supply chain、Industrial Supply Chain Management、Teaching in the fields of e -commerce and logistics management、Scientific research and practical application。He hosted 3 items of the National Natural Science Foundation of China,Humanities and Social Sciences Projects of the Ministry of Education、Key project of Shandong Soft Scientific Research Plan for Soft Science Science Research、12 items of provincial and ministerial projects such as the Outstanding Youth Fund in Shandong Province。1 item of the first prize of the excellent science achievement in Shandong Province,2nd prizes 2 items,Third Prize of the Provincial Excellent Achievement Award of Social Sciences,In "EUROPEAN JOURNAL of Operational Research", "International Journal of Production Economics", "International Journal of Productions Research", " URNAL of Intelligent Manufacturing "" System Engineering Theory and Practice "," Chinese Management Science "," Management Review "," Management Engineering Journal "Journal" and other important journals at home and abroad published more than 100 papers,Published a papers in a single part of his quotation 283 times,Multiple papers selected for high quotation text,Cumulative reference to more than 4,000 times。

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