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Sinology inheritance and communication path selection

Published: 2024-04-11 Click:

Time: April 16, 2024 14:00 pm

Location: Meeting Room 666, Mingde Building

Expert Introduction:

Yang Chengdong,Xiamen University Cultural Lecture Hall、Humanities Lecture Hall Master。Cultural scholars,Member of the Chinese Professor Association、Member of the Provincial Writers Association、Published a book such as "Furong Lake Lake Fire" and other works; senior consultants of the Xiamen Science and Technology Economic Promotion Association; the lecture video was collected by the Xiamen University Academic Collection Library and Xiamen University Academic Video Library;、Deputy Secretary -General of the Xiamen Yixue Research Association、Member of the Academic Expert Committee of the Chen Yuanguang Academic Research Association of Xiamen City; has been elected as a representative of the Third People's Congress of the Municipal People's Congress,Re -elected members of the CPPCC,One of them was elected as a member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC;、Series Deputy Editor -in -Chief of the Series,The reporter of the "Lujiang Lecture" of the Propaganda Department of the Xiamen Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China,Special researcher at the Academic Committee of the Chinese Academy of Management Sciences,Researcher at the Western Economic Development Research Institute,Researcher at the Chinese Traditional Culture Research Association of Xiamen,Provincial Party Committee Organization Department and the Civil Servant's directly -affiliated organs of civil servants recruiting interview examiners。

Published a number of academic papers, 2010Participate in the State Social Science Fund Project in 2013 09xzz008 and 11ASHO14,Research reports are all published in the RCCSE China core academic journal,Presiding the number of social science scientific research projects for several,One of the provincial and ministerial excellent results awards。

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