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The School of Labor Relations (Qilu Artisan Research Institute) holds a high -level project application demonstration and counseling symposium

Published: 2024-04-25 Click:

To implement the school's "1355" strategy,In -depth scientific research tackling operation,Further do a good job of cultivating national key projects,morning on April 22,School of Labor Relations (Qilu Artisan Research Institute) invites Professor Yang Heqing of the Capital University of Economics and Trade to conduct high -level project application demonstration and counseling。

Yang Heqing combined with the long -term evaluation of the National Social Science Fund and his own experience of successfully declare the social science fund,Selection of the project、Problem member configuration、Research content、Project Innovation、Research foundation and other declarations have been explained in a detailed explanation,Counseling and comments one by one for the application of the National Social Sciences and Provincial Social Science Projects of the Conference,and answered the questions from the teachers in the application process,Put forward targeted and guiding opinions。

This counseling symposium plays an important role in promoting the quality of the college's high -level project application and the scientific research level of the majority of teachers。Future,The college will continue to invite well -known experts off -campus experts to continue demonstrating the application of high -level projects to continue demonstration and counseling,Fully promotes the establishment of major breakthroughs in national key projects in 2024,Help school high -quality development。

(Source \ Labor Relations College Confusion Review \ Shang Shuying Edit \ Zhu Rui Wang Tingting)

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