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Our school was approved by the "Qingchuang Team Plan" team in Shandong Province

Published: 2024-01-02 Click:

Recent,The Shandong Provincial Department of Education announced the list of "Qingchuang Team Plan" team in Shandong Provincial College of High School in 2023,The "Digital Transformation and Industrial Structure Upgrade Innovation Team" declared by our school was successfully selected。

"Digital Transformation and Industrial Structure Upgrade Innovation Team" is led by Associate Professor Gaomingsi of the School of Economics and Trade,Focus on the strategic deployment of the digital economy development,Around digital industrialization、Research on the direction of industrial transformation and upgrading。In recent years,The team hosts the humanities and social science project of the Ministry of Education、National Statistics Science Research Project、More than 10 provincial and ministerial projects such as Shandong Social Science Planning Project; CSSCI source journals such as "International Trade", "World Economic Research", "Finance Research Letter"、SSCI and SCI include more than 40 academic papers for publishing academic papers。

The "Qingchuang Team Plan" team of Higher School in Shandong Province was approved by the Shandong Provincial Department of Education,It aims to support the youth doctorate of colleges and universities for the frontiers of technology、Major development strategies to carry out innovation、Explorer、Applied Studies,Cultivate and create a batch of ideological and political quality、Solid academic foundation、Young scientific research and innovation groups with outstanding innovation ability and development potential,Service "Double First -class" and the connotation development of higher education,Promoting Shandong Education Realization of Strategies from Da to Strong。

In recent years,School strengthening the top -level design of scientific research work,Innovation scientific research management system and mechanism,Focus on discipline construction,Cultivation and forming a group of interdisciplinary、Cross -domain scientific research innovation team,Pay close attention to the cultivation and promotion of scientific research projects,Constantly improving the level of innovation and research of young teachers。Future,The school will further focus on the development direction of the discipline,Constantly strengthen the construction of the scientific research and innovation team,Actively train academic leaders and young and middle -aged scientific research backbones,Continuous improvement of basic research and technological innovation ability,Constantly strengthen school connotation construction,Improve the core competitiveness of the school,Continue to promote the high -quality development of the school's cause。

(Text \ Bianzhe Source \ Scientific Research Division Confusion Review \ Zhang Lianmei Edit \ Zhu Rui Wang Tingting)

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