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Notice Announcement

Notice of the 8th University Student Simulation Enterprise Management Competition and the "Shandong Provincial Higher Intellectuals Intelligent Enterprise Operation Sand Table Competition"

Published: 2024-04-29 Click:

Each secondary college:

To cultivate college students' innovation consciousness、Creative thinking and teamwork spirit,Fully exercise college students to understand the business、Familiar with management software tools and enhance actual hands -on ability,Now holding the 8th University Student Simulation Enterprise Business Competition of Shandong School of Management,At the same time, select outstanding teams to participate in the digital intellectual enterprise in Shandong Provincial College of High Schools to operate a sandbox contest,The specific matters are notified as follows:

1. Organizational unit

Organizer: Academic Affairs Office

Instructor: College of Labor Relations at the School of Industry and Commerce

2. Participating objects

All students in the school (ordinary colleges and universities as of December 31, 2024, full -time undergraduate students),Including business administration、Marketing、Logistics management and other major professional students; those who have a new way "Digital Smart Enterprise Operation Sandart" system operating experience or competition experience preferred。

​​The competition is a group competition,No across school team,Each participating team is by 4 contestants、1-2 instructor composition。

3, the overall arrangement of the competition

Selection of the school,Participating students voluntarily register,Met the corporate business simulation sandbox contest,According to software operation results,Select the representative team to play on behalf of the school。

School registration time: April 29, 2024-May 10th

School competition time: mid -May 2025

Method of the school competition: network platform operation

Four, the form of competition

Electronic sand table system through "operating sand tables" through "digital intelligence enterprises",Simulates the establishment of a company that integrates production and sales,Corporate simulation operations that have been carried out on the spot,Let each students in the business actual combat scene,I feel financial、Purchasing、Production、Marketing and other main characters,Use the competition to improve the analysis and grasp of the business environment,At the same time, improve team organization and strategic ability。

5. Competition requirements

(1) All participating students need to bring their own laptop,Connected,Self -brought SDMU account;

Computer configuration:

Computer System: Windows7 and above versions or macos systems

Computer configuration requirements: Memory 8G and above,100g and above hard disk

Number of computer: 4 teams per team

Terminal browser configuration chrome50.0 or above versions (Google Browser)

(2) Welcome to the school's sand table enthusiasts to participate,But due to the limited period of software use,All participants,You need to register in advance,Participate in the competition;

(3) Please use a group as a unit when registering,Fill in the "Registration Form" (see attachment);

(4) During the selection process,If you do not participate in the school trial or stop operation in the middle of,It is deemed to have given up the selection qualification;

(5) The selection results will be announced after the game in mid -May,The contest regulations shall not change the contestants in principle after the official registration。

6. Award settings

The first prize of the award of this competition、Second prize、Third Prize。(Recommended by the first four selection of best selection to participate in the Shandong Provincial Finals)

7. Registration method

Sign up to the students at 24:00 on May 10,Log in to the "PU Pocket" APP to select the 8th College Student Simulation Enterprise Business Competition,Registration to participate。

After the registration is successful,Please join the contestants to join the mountain pipe and sand table school group,and send the electronic version "Registration Form" to the group file,For not exhausted matters, see QQ group。

8. Contact information

Academic Affairs Office: Teacher Yang 89636603

School of Business: Teacher Xuan 89636809

2024 sand table school QQ group number: 957108009

Annex: Enterprise Simulation Business Sand Table Registration Form

Academic Affairs Office  

April 29, 2024

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