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Published: 2024-07-08 Click:

Time: July 9, 2024 at 14:30 pm

Location: Meeting Room 668, Mingde Building

Expert Introduction:

Cao Jingwen,Professor of Marxism College of East China Normal University,Doctoral supervisor,Director of the Teaching and Research Department of China Modern History Outline。Mainly engaged in the history of the Communist Party of China、Modern History of China、Sinicization of Marxism、Teaching and research work of overseas Chinese studies。Editor -in -chief of the magazine of "Ideological and Political Course" magazine,"New Fourth Army Research" deputy editor -in -chief,Special Supervisor of the Shanghai Municipal Supervision Commission,Vice President of the Historical Research Association of the Shanghai New Fourth Army,Executive Director Euro 2024 winner predictionof Shanghai Mao Zedong Thought Research Society,Teaching and Guidance Committee of Shanghai Ideological and Political Theory Course,Member of the Four History of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee,Integrity of the Integrated Construction Center of the Elementary and Middle Schools of Xihua Normal University,Henan Luohe Cultural Research Institute academic consultant。He has won "Shanghai Excellent Thought Teacher", "Special Prize of Excellent Teaching Achievements in East China Normal University", "First Prize of Shanghai Excellent Teaching Achievement", "Second Prize of National Excellent Achievement" and Shenyin Wan Guo Awards wait。Published more than 100 academic papers in newspapers such as "Wen Wei Po", "Liberation Daily", "Ideology and theoretical Education Guide"。

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Euro 2024 winner prediction

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Live Betting on Euro 2024 Matches

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