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May 10th -12th,The 7th National Applied Undergraduate Euro 2024 winner predictionCollege English Professional Reform and Development Forum was held。University teachers and industry experts from all over the country surround the connotation construction and practical path of foreign language disciplines in the background of applied undergraduate colleges,English professional talent training mode、Digital empowerment teaching path、Foreign Language Curriculum ideological and political construction and other topics to develop in -depth exchanges and discussions。Associate Professor Yan Haiyan, Director of the Department of Business and English of the School of Humanities, was invited to participate and speak。

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Yan Haiyan's topic with "The Influence of 3D Virtual Environment on the Development of Foreign Language learners' cognition and language ability",Combined with teaching cases and research data,Elaborate VR、AR、XR and other technologies combined with artificial 2024 European Cup Betting Oddsintelligence virtual learning environment for enhanced learners' immersive language learning experience and cultural understanding、The significance of creating a personalized learning path,and point out that college teachers should actively innovate teaching methods,Future trends that adapt to technology,New challenges to welcome technical adaptation and effect evaluation。

Participate in this meeting,Not only helps teachers participate in professional development and exchange,Actively cope with the reform and development of higher education in the new era,It is also conducive to teachers empowering innovation through technology,Scientific research feeding teaching,Effectively improve the quality of application foreign language talents。

(Figure \ Yan Haiyanwen \ Lu Yao Source \ Confusion Review of the Humanities \ Edit Li Ming \ Zhu Rui Wang Tingting)

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