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The spirit of important instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions for the construction of the school's ideological and political lessons for in -depth study and implementation,June 26th to 28th,The School of Marxism Hosted in the Live Betting on Euro 2024 Matches2024 Thinking Class Teacher's Quality and Ability Training Course,Teachers of all ideological and political courses participate in training。

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In the training class,The School of Philosophy and Social Development of Shandong University, Professor He Zhonghua, the title "Combination of the Basic Principles of Marxism with the Excellent Traditional Culture of Chinese",In -depth interpretation of the historical logic of "Second Combination"、Real logic、Theoretical logic。Professor Xu Yanling of Marxist College of Shandong University under the title "Talking about Marxist theoretical Discipline Writing Strategy based on his own scientific research",Topic selection principles of the paper、Literature review、Writing Strategy、Realty innovation。Professor Chun, the School of Marxism College of Shandong Normal University, takes the title "Promoting Education and Education and Teaching Capability",Interpretation of the scientific connotation of the educator's spirit and friends and friends、Qi Zhirun Xin、Realty innovation、Personality of Behavior Fan Fan。Shandong School Euro 2024 Qualifiers betsof Industry and Commerce Marxism School of Politics and Politics、Shandong Province's excellent ideological and political teacher Wu Xianbo Title "Reconstruction Learning Experience Innovation Classroom Teaching: Innovation of Teaching Models and Methods Based on Learning Science",Organize the activity of the ideological and political teaching workshop,I introduced TP-S、Football training classroom teaching and other teaching modes。After the school training is over,All teachers of ideological and political courses go to the spiritual education base of the spiritual education base of the spiritual work of the Qihe Model of Qihe, Texas for practice。

This training is a comprehensive implementation of the party's education policy、Implementation of the Implementation of the Ministry of Education's "Standards for Construction Standards for Marxism College (2023)",It is also the important discussion of General Secretary Jinping's General Secretary Jinping、In -depth promotion of the reform of ideological and political lessons、Emphasized an important action to improve the quality of teaching and politics and politics。Euro 2024 winner predictionThrough training,Teachers in ideology and politics are scientific research、Teaching、The literacy and abilities of teachers and morals and other aspects have been further improved。

(Source \ Marxist College Confusion Review \ Edit Qi Min \ Zhu Rui Wang Tingting)

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Euro 2024 Qualifiers bets

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