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In order to thoroughly implement the important exposition and instructions of General Secretary Jinping's important exposition and instructions for safety production,Effectively promote the construction of safe campus,In the afternoon of June 20,Institute of Intelligent Engineering Joint Safety Defense Office carried out safety hazard investigation activities。

Euro 2024 winner prediction

This investigation team is by relevant staff of the Security Office、Some teachers and students of the Safety Engineering College of Intelligent Engineering。Group members insist on "Safety First,Prevention as the first "principle,Comprehensively investigated the hidden dangers of the Mingyuan Building,Focus on the fire infrastructure of fire protection、Electric equipment safety、Emergency evacuation facilities European Cup 2024 Predictions-Championship Predictions-Betting Oddsand Euro 2024 winner predictionsafety management systems。The hidden dangers found in detail have been recorded and reported to relevant departments,Simultaneously propose rectification measures and suggestions。

This event is a microcosm of the School of Intelligent Engineering to give play to the characteristics of supporting the construction of safe campuses,It is also an important measure for the college's practice of educating people。Future,The School of Intelligent Engineering will closely focus on the fundamental task of the people in Lide Tree,Continue to give full play to the discipline professional advantages,Help school high -quality development。

(Graphic \ Wei Junjie Source \ Confucius Draft Review of the Safety Defense Office of the Institute of Intelligent Engineering \ Editor of Ruan Mengli, the main son of Ruan Mengli \ Zhu Rui Wang Tingting)

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Euro 2024 Qualifiers bets

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