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Euro 2024 Qualifiers bets

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To promote "dedication、Friendship、mutual assistance、Progressive Volunteer Service Spirit,Give full play to the advantages of party building with group building,Promote the good atmosphere of glory of blood donation for the majority of party members with actual actions,May 15th to 18th,The school organized the "donation of youth and blood in Fanghua Plaza,Spectrum is the most beautiful Fanghua "" free blood donation activity。

Activity site,Teachers and students waiting for blood donation consciously lined up the team,Under the guidance of young volunteers, complete health consultation、Information registration、Blood pressure measurement and initial blood screening and other necessary processes,Make sure that blood donation Euro 2024 winner predictionis safe、Science、Specifications are performed。

Euro 2024 winner prediction

Volunteers issued a blood donor card for blood donors、May 4th Blood Youth Memorial Medal,and send exquisite souvenirs,Do a good job of logistical support。The school is still preparing mung bean soup in the rest area、Love meal coupons, etc.,Send intimate service and sincere thanks for each blood donor。

2024 European Cup Betting Odds

Next,The school will closely grasp the main line of the party building with a delegation,Encourage more party members of the party members to join the public welfare cause of free blood donation,With actual action inheritance and practicing the spirit of Lei Feng,To build health、Harmonious society contributes youth for youth。

(Source \ Youth League Committee Confusion Review \ Li Meiling Edit \ Zhu Rui Wang Tingting) 

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Euro 2024 Qualifiers bets

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