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In order to strengthen the development of education work in various second 2024 European Cup Betting Odds-level colleges,Timely summarizing characteristic experience and typical practices,Show education results,Further improve the quality of education,May 21,The school hosted the 2024 winter holiday "Five Earls" development education exhibition in the lecture hall of the Mingyuan Building。Student Work Department (Armed Department)、Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch and Director of the Student Work Office of the secondary colleges、Counselor representatives participate in the event。

will be on it,Nine counselor representatives from various colleges of various colleges,Around the theme of the event、Event content、Innovation and sustainability of activity、Student participation,Comprehensively reported the development of the five education people in the college and the effectiveness of the development of the education development and the effectiveness,At the same time, the Euro 2024 winner predictioncharacteristics of the college are displayed in combination with the characteristics of the discipline。Event selected 3 excellent organization units、Features Innovation Activity Award 3。

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"Five Education" development education is one of the important parts of school ideological and political education,It is an important measure to realize the comprehensive development of students' "morality, intellectual, physical and artistic"。As of now,Our school has conducted five consecutive years for five consecutive educational education,A total of more than 50,000 people participated in activities,Greatly enriching students' holiday life,Effectively improved the comprehensive quality of students。

The development of this event summarizes reflection、Exchange Experience、Show the results、Promoting work has played a good effect。Future,The school will continue to explore new ways and methods,Innovative working method,Improve Live Betting on Euro 2024 Matchesthe effectiveness of education。

(Graphic \ Xu Feifei Source \ Student Work Department (Armed Department) Supply Draft Review \ Li Meiling Edit \ Zhu Rui Wang Tingting)

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