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On the morning of July 4,The school holds the 2nd network ideological work joint meeting in 2024。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee 2024 European Cup Betting OddsSun Qi presided over the meeting and spoke。Members of the Leading Group of Network Ideological Work attended the meeting。

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Meeting to point out,In the first half of 2024,The general party branch of the school carefully studied and implemented the central government's decision -making deployment and instructions of ideological work,Implementation of network ideology work responsibility system consciousness is generally enhanced,The whole process and all aspects of strengthening the party's leadership into the network ideological work。Current,School's network ideology work is generally smooth and controllable、Promoting orderly and powerful,The development trend is better up,No major public opinion incident and network security incident。

Conference emphasized,To deeply understand the importance and urgency of strengthening the construction of network ideology,Persistence positive energy is the total requirements、It is the last word,Coordinating two front -nets and two fronts,Getting the time Euro 2024 winner predictioneffect of public opinion propaganda guidance,Persevere and use defense and lift,Fight for the leadership of the network ideology work、Management Right、Talk right。To strengthen political position,Let the theoretical armed in the network position reality; to improve the working system,Let the system construction be stricken in the network position; to strengthen value leaders,Make the mainstream sound stronger in the network position,Stand up and stable ideological position,Provide a strong guarantee for the harmony and stability of the campus。

,I collectively studied the important exposition of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the ideological work of the Internet,conveyed the spirit of the relevant documents of the superior,notified the network ideological risk prediction and prevention and control in the first half of 2024、Public opinion work,Deployment instructions for recent network ideology work。

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2024 European Cup Betting Odds

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