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July 1,The school holds the "Two Excellent and One Pioneer" commendation conference and party discipline education special party lectures。Secretary of the Party Committee Wei Yong spoke and taught a special party lesson,Principal Han Zuosheng chaired the meeting,Members of the school leaders attended the meeting。

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Wei Yong congratulates the outstanding individuals and advanced collectives commended on behalf of the school party committee,Greetings to party organizations at all levels and the majority of Communist Party members in the school,Live Betting on Euro 2024 2024 European Cup Betting OddsMatchesDestructory responsibility for the development of the school's cause、The majority of party members who work hard、Thanks for party workers。He pointed out,Create school for more than 80 years,A batch of outstanding Communist Party members、Outstanding Party workers and advanced grass -roots party organizations in school reform、Construction、Give full play to the role of combat fortress and the role of pioneer model,Leading the reform and innovation of teachers and students of the school、True grasps,promoted the school to achieve new development again and again、New leap。

Wei Yong emphasized,The current school development has stood on a new historical starting point,Party organizations at all levels of schools and party members must learn from advanced typical typical,The spirit of unprecedented responsibility、The spirit of reform and innovation and the spirit of solidarity struggle is aggressive、Working solid work,Work hard to achieve the "1355" development strategy established by the Fourth Party Congress。First strengthen the cultivation of party spirit,Be a pioneer in firm ideals and beliefs、Work table,Keep a sober mind and political fixed force at all times,Continue to refine the party nature、Study Character、Persevere ideals,Base of belief、Calcium of spiritual、Thoughts of Thought for Forging King Kong。Second, persist 2024 European Cup Betting Oddsin keeping up and Live Betting on Euro 2024 Matchesinnovation,Be a pioneer in promoting the European Cup 2024 Predictions-Championship Predictions-Betting OddsEuro 2024 winner predictionhigh -quality development of the school、Work table,Based on the new situation、New Challenge、New tasks and new requirements,Comprehensive implementation of the party's central decision -making deployment and school party committee work arrangement,Persist in keeping positive innovation、Choose the burden,Efforts to grab the opportunity in the new round of development、Win the initiative。Third, highlight the construction of style,Pioneer、Make an example,Continue to grasp the original "Regulations"、Strengthening warning education、Democratic life meeting and organization life meeting for party discipline learning and education,Further deepen the learning effect、Converting work style、Refined work measures。

Han Zuosheng pointed out in the host,Party organizations and party members and cadres at all levels of the school must effectively unify their thoughts and actions into the spirit of the meeting,Earnestly understand Secretary Wei ’s speech,Learning deep enlightenment special party class requirements,Tighten the string of the party's rules and party discipline at the depths of thought,At all times, the party rules and regulations, party rules, party discipline and fear,Comprehensively promoting party discipline learning and education to go deeply,Provide a strong guarantee for the European Cup 2024 Predictions-Championship Predictions-Betting OddsEuro 2024 winner predictionhigh -quality development of the school's cause。

will be on,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Sun Qi announced the commendation decision,Members of the school leadership team will issue medals and certificates for advanced collectives and individuals who have been commended。

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Party members and cadres at or above the school level、Commendation object、Party members of teachers and students and representatives of activists who joined the party attended the meeting。

(Figure \ Wang Tingtingwen \ Jiaxu Road Source \ Organization Department's Supply for Review \ Ran Weishan Edit \ Zhu Rui Wang Tingting)

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