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July 1,New Township Trade Union Reform and Innovation Development and Deepen Industrial Workers' Team Construction Reform Training Course Open in our school model teaching comprehensive building。Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee Sun Qi,Member of the Party Group of the Federation of New Township City、Vice Chairman、Diao Xuguang,Member of the Party Group、2024 European Cup Betting OddsVice Chairman Wang Shilin and the person in charge of the School of Education and Training of Trade Union attended the opening ceremony。Member of the leadership team of Xinxiang City Federation of Trade Unions,50 people including the main leaders of the county and district Federation of Trade Unions and the working cadres of the Municipal Federation of Trade Union participated in training。

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At the opening ceremony,Sun Qi introduced the provincial conditions and school conditions of Shandong Province。He said,The school attaches great importance to the education and training work of union cadres,To ensure the smooth hosting of the training course in this period,Careful docking and careful preparation on various tasks in the early stage,Go all out to do a good job of service guarantee,Guaranteed training is successfully carried out,and get expected results。Wang Shilin reads the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team of the People's Congress of the Xinxiang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision,。Diao Xuguang in the opening speech to the school in the course arrangement、Training Organization、Careful arrangements in service guarantee and other aspects Express thank you,and put forward specific requirements Euro 2024 winner predictionfor this training,I hope that students will firmly establish a consciousness of discipline and rules,Strictly abide by various systems and regulations,Make full use of this difficult learning opportunity this time,Strengthen communication,Dredit with each other,Co -improve。

The training course for this period is one week,It is the first phase of trainer training class organized by the Federation of Trade Unions of Xinxiang City,The second training of next week will also be held in our school。Two training courses in training in training、Teachers' equipment and other aspects are closely combined with the needs of students and the characteristics of the students,Teachers are equipped with experts and professors from colleges and universities,There are also relevant leaders from the National Federation of Trade Unions,To promote the innovation and development of the work of the trade union in Xinxiang,Promoting the reform of the industrial workers' team construction and reform, it provides a strong knowledge guarantee。

The opening class of this training class coincides with the party’s birthday,Students have said,I will definitely invest in learning training with the best mental state,Further political Euro 2024 Qualifiers betspositioning,Clear the mission of responsibility,Constantly improving the level of ability in their respective performance,Actively contribute to the promotion of high -quality development of trade unions。

(Figure \ Miao Longwen \ Wang Ning Yuanyuan \ Conference Cadre Education Training College Confusion and Training College of Education and Training \ Liu Shui Edit \ Zhu Rui Wang Tingting)

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2024 European Cup Betting Odds

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