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May 25th -26th,The Second China High School Marketing Society of Marketing Professional Teachers Training and Teaching Symposium was held at school。This seminar was sponsored by the Big Data Marketing Professional Committee of the Marketing Research Association of China High Schools,hosted by the School of Industry and Commerce of Shandong School of Management。45 universities from all Live Betting on Euro 2024 Euro 2024 winner predictionMatchesover the country、8006_8030。The deputy secretary of the school party committee Sun Qi attended the meeting and spoke。

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The theme of this conference is "Artificial Intelligence Empowerment Marketing Teaching Innovation",It aims to improve artificial intelligence to promote marketing courses for update、Teaching method reform and the construction of a practical teaching environment,Help Marketing Education from theory to practical intelligence upgrade。

Meeting to point out,Knowledge updates in the field of big data marketing quickly,Not only the update of technical use,It is a change of way of thinking,Cultivate talents with big data marketing knowledge and skills,It is an important part of marketing professional education and development of universities。I hope to take this seminar opportunity,Strengthen exchanges and cooperation,Constantly improving teachers' professional literacy and teaching ability,Provide valuable reference and revelation for education and teaching for marketing major in colleges and universities。

,Professor Wang Xiaoyi, deputy dean of the School of Management of Zhejiang University、Professor Zhang Zelin, Deputy Dean of the Business School of Renmin University of China, respectively.、"Dual Degree Euro 2024 Qualifiers betsEuropean Cup 2024 Predictions-Championship Predictions-Betting OddsProject of Marketing Management and Data Science" as the title,Professor Ren Xingyao of Nankai University Business School reflection on the design and practice of digital marketing courses,Professor Hua Ying, Director of the Academic Journal Department of the University of Foreign Economics and Trade, introduced the education of values ​​in the national curriculum ideological demonstration class "Online Marketing" as an example.,Professor Bi Jidong, Executive Dean of the New Business Innovation Research Institute of Shandong University of Finance and Economics、Professor Hu Zhongren, Dean of the School of Industry and Commerce of Shandong School of Management, Topic ",Perform the main reports and exchange sharing。Theme of this meeting,The participating experts conducted a full theoretical discussion and experience exchanges。

During the meeting, an excellent teaching and research reform papers and teaching cases exchanged and commended、Big Data Marketing Course Group Virtual Teaching and Research Room Founding Conference and First Working Conference、Visit Inspection Inspur Group and other activities。

Holding this seminar,Not only promoted communication and cooperation between Euro 2024 Qualifiers betscolleges and universities,Euro 2024 Qualifiers betsIt also played a positive role in improving the professional teachers and teaching levels of colleges and universities,Help the rapid development of higher education in China in the era of artificial intelligence。

(Source \ Administration of the School of Industry and Commerce \ Li Lina Editor \ Zhu Rui Wang Tingting)

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