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May 23rd,The School of Management of Shandong held a symposium on the 2024 graduate representative。Principal Han Zuosheng attended the meeting and communicated with 10 graduate representatives,Listen to the students' thoughts when they graduate,Send 2024 European Cup Betting Oddsa good wishes for students。

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At the symposium,Graduate representatives speak in turn,Looking back at the growth and harvest of the period of school,I sincerely thank my alma mater for many years of careful training,and combined with the actual life of learning,Talent training、International exchange cooperation、Campus culture construction、Play in the second classroom function、The improvement of campus environment order and other aspects of the improvement of opinions and suggestions。

Han Zuosheng carefully listened to the speeches of the graduate representatives,Congratulations to everyone who is about to embark on a new journey of life,Thank you for your care and support for the development of the school。He said,School high -level application universities build hoof steps in stabilization,Especially since the Fourth Party Congress was held,The school's high -quality development starts good,Get new results in various tasks,Every classmate is a witness and beneficiary,More participants and builders。Students based on the future development of the school,I made a Euro 2024 Qualifiers betslot of targeted suggestions,It reflects the profound thinking of the development of school,The school will actively absorb and adopt everyone's suggestions and fall into practice。I hope that students will care about their alma mater as always after graduation、Support alma mater,Alma mater will also continue to pay attention to the growth and development of each graduate student,Looking forward to everyone's good audio biography。

Han Zhaosheng message from the majority of graduates,The responsibility of the era gives youth,Glory of the era belongs to youth。Whether it is the first -line service of the grassroots,Still further studies,Do not forget the original heart,Cherish the broad development space created by the new era for the majority of young people,The great mission given to the new era,Stimulate career heart,A sense of responsibility for thick planting,Starting from the post from the post,Put the responsibility mission to implementation,Constantly open up career development new world。

Party Committee (Dean) Office、Student Work Department Euro 2024 winner prediction(Armed Department)、Academic Affairs Office、Logistics Management Office and other departments attended the meeting。

(Source \ Party Committee (Dean) Office of the Office of the Office for Review \ Edit of Zhou Zhiyu \ Zhu Rui Wang Tingting)

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