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Each secondary college:

In -depth study, propaganda and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's May 4th Youth Day, the spirit of the majority of youth in the country and the spirit of the important instructions of Shandong,Unity leads the province's youth actively participating in innovation and entrepreneurs,Contribute youth for the Chinese -style modern Shandong chapter,League Provincial Party Committee、Provincial Department of Education and other departments decided to jointly organize the 13th Shandong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of "Qingchuang Qilu"。The relevant matters will be notified as follows。

I. Contest time

July to the end of August 2024

2. The topic of the competition

Tingzhi Chuangyin Qi Lu to the future

3, the rules of the competition system

(1) Grouping for the event。This contest is in accordance with the requirements of the "Young Youth" China Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition,Set technological innovation、Village Revitalization、Digital economy、Innovation and entrepreneurial events in 4 areas of social enterprises。

1. Special for technological innovation。Leading new productive productivity with technological innovation,Focus on the focus of the "14th Five -Year Plan" plan clearly encouraging development,Especially artificial intelligence、Quantum information、Integrated circuit、Life Health、Brain Science、Biological Manufacturing、Kongtian Technology、Deep Sea and other fields are forward -looking、Strategic project。

2. Rural revitalization special。Focus on the revitalization of the seed industry、Advanced planting and breeding technology、Processing and sales of agricultural products、Agricultural Socialization Service、Related industries in the fields of rural leisure tourism,Especially in 2024 European Cup Betting Oddsconsolidating and 2024 European Cup Betting Oddsexpanding the results of poverty alleviation、Projects with mature models such as helping rural rejuvenation。

3. Digital economy special。Focus on the Internet、Big Data、Cloud computing、Artificial Intelligence、Blockchain Technology、Yuan Universe and other promoting the development of the digital economy and the real economy、Use digital economic means to transform and develop projects in traditional industries。

4. Social enterprise special。Focus on to help solve social problems、Improve social governance、Serving the interests of a specific group or community as the purpose and primary goal,Innovative business model、Market -oriented operation is the main means,Part of the earnings of the income will be put into its own business according to their social goals、The community or public welfare undertaking,Projects with continuous and stable social goals。

(2) Participants

1. Chinese citizen。

2. Team participating items, the total number is not more than 5.

(3) Participating items

1. It is in line with national laws and regulations and national industrial policies.

2. Do not violate the intellectual property rights of others.

3. Have good economic benefits、Social benefits,Business specifications,Good social reputation。

4. Unique products with greater investment value、Technology or business model。

(4) Special grouping

Different from the entrepreneurial stage of the participating projects and the establishment period (based on the registration of registration in the market supervision and management department),There are innovation groups、Chuangchuang Group、Growth Group。The division of the establishment of the company is based on May 31, 2024。

1. Innovative group refers to the registration before May 31, 2024 (inclusive),Entrepreneurship projects still in the business plan stage。

2. Entrepreneurship projects that are registered for the initial group referring to the registration time of no more than 2 years [June 1, 2022 (inclusive)]。

3. The registered registration time of the growth team is between 2 and 5 years [June 1, 2019 (inclusive) to the entrepreneurial project of registration during May 31, 2022]。

(5) Project declaration

1. Participating in the registered enterprise in the market supervision and management department,Related documents such as the business license must be submitted,Project growth process or production process related introduction,Project development ideas and staged results。Involved in the national restriction industry and fields,A relevant qualification certificate must be required。The first applicant must be the legal representative of the registered subject,And holding the main shares (the first applicant of the individual industrial and commercial households 2024 European Cup Betting Oddsshould be an operator,Personal wholly -owned Euro 2024 Qualifiers betsenterprise should be investors,The first applicant of the partnership should be a partner of the executive transaction)。

2. Participating projects that have not registered in the market supervision and management department,Must be submitted to the business plan,Report on market、Entrepreneurship concept、Project development and other detailed introductions; patents can be issued at the same time、Awards、Certificate or certificate issued by the competent departments of the provincial level or above in the provincial level。The first applicant must be product development、The main person in charge of the project design。

Four, schedule arrangement

(1) Organization form。The competition is comprehensive event,Divided into registration of each region、Preliminary Tournament、Section、Four stages of the finals。This event also undertakes the Chinese Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exchange Camp and the 11th "Chuang Youth" China Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Shandong Division.。

(2) Registration。Participating projects must log in to the "Creating Youth" website (cqc.yeeol.com) within the registration time and submit relevant information,Fill in the information after the registration deadline cannot be modified。

(3) preliminary round (early August)。The preliminary competition is held by online review,Understand the project information submitted by the judges based on the information submitted by the project,and give a comprehensive score,Determine the promotion of the rematch project。

(4) Section、Finals (mid -to -late August)。The rematch is held on -site road shows,"5+3" mode,Where,Participating projects perform roadshows (5 minutes),Judges asked questions (3 minutes)。Each participating items can be selected and not more than 2 participants participated in the on -site road show,Among them, the main person in charge of the project is the main respondent。According to the comprehensive score, the selected evaluation project enters the final。The finals are held by on -site road shows,Model "5+3+2" mode,Where,Participating projects for project display (5 minutes),Judges asked questions (3 minutes),Capital docking of venture capital institutions (2 minutes)。Each participating items can be selected and not more than 2 participants participated in the on -site road show,Among them, the main person in charge of the project is the main respondent。According to the comprehensive score,Determine the winning project。

5. Support measures

(1) Contest reward。Each special competition is set up in gold awards、Silver Awards、Bronze Awards and Excellent Awards。The award -winning project will receive trophy and certificates issued by the organizing committee of the competition,Actively recommend participating in the "Creating Youth" China Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition。

(2) Promotion and promotion。Competition Organizing European Cup 2024 Predictions-Championship Predictions-Betting OddsCommittee Euro 2024 Qualifiers betswill include high -quality projects into provincial and national project libraries,Through nationwide、Provincial competition platforms to promote promotion、Show communication、Docking high -quality resources,Improve the popularity of entrepreneurial projects and entrepreneurs,Broaden development channels,Give play to the role of typical demonstration and leading role。

(3) Precise empowerment。Under the condition that meets the relevant youth entrepreneurial support policies that meet the organizer,Give relevant policy support for high -quality projects,Can apply to join the Shandong Young Entrepreneurs Association、Shandong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance and cities、County (city、District) Youth Entrepreneurship Alliance, etc.。At the same time,Provide "one -on -one" entrepreneurial instructor for high -quality projects、Free tutoring,Continuous tracking service。

(4) Financial services。Prefer to recommend high -quality projects to enjoy credit funds,Provide docking "Green" head loan service,Priority recommendation of China Youth Entrepreneurship Employment Foundation Related public welfare project fund support。

(5) Honorary Incentive。Recommended high -quality project application group Central "youth" exchange camp,Excellent players selected in the "Shandong Youth May 4th Medal" selection recommendation、"Good Youth of the Country" when choosing a tree,Under the same conditions, give priority to。

League Committee   

July 8, 2024

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Euro 2024 winner prediction

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