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Published: 2024-06-28 Click:

Each secondary college:

The National 3D Digital Innovation Design Contest is an important event for the national university discipline competition rankings,Contest adhering to the same frequency as the times,Combat with hot spots,Lead digital innovation; digital hero,Young Leaders; Innovation Practice,Courage to challenge; Dragon Fire Pass,Promote the purpose of creating the spirit of China,Improve 3D digital innovation and practical ability of college students,Encourage college students to serve the society with professional knowledge,Expand the spirit of international vision and team collaboration,Become a three -dimensional digital design talent in the future。2024 The 17th National 3D Digital Innovation Design Contest has officially launched,Notify the specific matters of the school trials in the school as follows:

1. Competition organization

organizer: Academic Affairs Office

Intending unit: Academy of Art

Live Betting on Euro 2024 Matches2. The collection time of the work

(1) The deadline for submission of works

1. Three -dimensional digital innovation design contest "Dragon Fire Transmits Promoting China's Creative Spirit" theme activity,The deadline for submission is May 24, 2024-September 30, 2024。

2. Three -dimensional digital innovation design contest "AMD Cup" AI+3D Innovation Special Competition,The deadline for submission is May 28, 2024-August 10, 2024。

3. The 17th National 3D Digital Innovation Design Contest • Proposition Special Tournament:

(1) Five -axis processing and digital twin technology innovation application,The deadline for submission is April 30, 2024-May 31st。

(2) CAE simulation application engineering design,The deadline for submission is from April 15th to June 20th, 2024; digital design and manufacturing,The deadline for submission is April 1, 2024-June 20, 2024。

(3) "CURC Robot+" Innovation Plan Design,The deadline for submission is March 28, 2024-July 15th。

(2) Contribution method

Works submitted mailbox:

3. Registration method

PU platform registration time: The event was released until June 20, 2024

Please log in to the PU platform to search for the corresponding competition name for registration,Successful students can join the school competition QQ group: 711747016

Four, the content of the competition

(1) 3D digital innovation design contest "AMD Cup" AI+3D Innovation Special Competition,Use AI+3D technology tools,Generate creative content (the form of the work can be a picture、Video or 3D model); works/items must be uniformly use 3DSHOW organization work design scheme,It is recommended to use AIPC creation equipped with AMD processors or graphics cards,For details, see: = NewsDetails&ID = 517.

(2) Three -dimensional digital innovation design contest • Proposition special competition: five -axis processing and digital twin technology innovation application,CAE simulation application engineering design,Digital design and manufacturing,"Curc Robot+" Innovation Plan Euro 2024 winner predictionDesign,Four tracks。For details, see: CTL = InformationList&MET = NewsDetails&ID = 505.

(3) Three -dimensional Digital Innovation Design Contest "Dragon Fire Transmits Promoting China's Creative Spirit" theme activity: 3D contest participants and students、3D Ambassador、3D society and other campus KOL,Organize the promotion of 3D competitions on campus (poster posting、Online/offline preaching、Training and exchange of competition、Record of the participation process、Participating Stories, etc.),With short video、Picture、Text、3D digital content and other records such as wonderful moment,Published and shared in the 3D Contest Dragon Fire Transmission Event 3DSHOW album page。For details, see: = NewsDetails&ID = 518.

Note: Please log in to View。

5. Related requirements

(1) Work requirements

1. It shall abide by laws and regulations related to the People's Republic of China.

2. You should respect the nation、Gender、Religious beliefs, etc.,Do not include discrimination content。

3. It should be an original work,Plagiarism is strictly prohibited、Play,Do not violate the intellectual property rights of third parties。Anyone involving intellectual property rights,All the consequences of the contestants themselves,It has nothing to do with the competition,and the competition organizing committee has the right to cancel its qualifications。

4. Participants must use the official logo of the contest as required.

5. Other related requirements for the event.

(2) Submit material

Each work needs to be submitted at least the following materials:

Work Information (Author, Instructor Information)

Work file (complete content,For details, see the materials and requirements of the 2024 European Cup Betting Oddsofficial website work)

(3) Participating requirements

1. School participation

The competition is the hospital/department as the participating unit, and does not accept individual participation.

2. Submit participation

The selected works are submitted to the teacher in charge of the teacher.

6. Contact information

Academic Affairs Office: Teacher Yang 89636603

School of Art: Teacher Yang 15064095178 Teacher Chu 15763274134

Academic Affairs Office  

June 28, 2024

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