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Notice Announcement

European Cup 2024 Predictions-Championship Predictions-Betting Odds

European Cup 2024 Predictions-Championship Predictions-Betting OddsPublished: 2024-06-28 Click:

Each secondary college:

In order to improve the tax -related business processing ability and skill operation level of college students,Strengthening tax laws and regulations and tax policies,Decided to participate in the university undergraduate organization to participate in the 2024 national undergraduate college tax risk management and control case contest。Notification of the relevant matters of the competition as follows:

1. Competition organization

organizer: Academic Affairs Office

Intending unit: School of Economics and Trade

2. Participants

Undergraduate students with tax law knowledge

3, the content of the competition

(1) Division competition

Each participating team consists of 3 people,Write and submit the original tax risk control case analysis report and other materials within the specified time。

(2) Finals

The promotion team analyzes, reports and defense the original case.

Live Betting on Euro 2024 MatchesFour, competition time

The partition time is October 14, 2024.

The finals are December 2, 2024.

5. Registration arrangement

Please log in to "PU platform",Find the name of this competition to register for the competition。At the same time, please join the contest special QQ group (624147248),and remark "Grade-Professional-Name",Otherwise, it will not pass。Registration results are subject to the group,People are full registration。

Registration deadline is July 15, 2024 18:00。

6. Contact information

Contact: Teacher Yang 89636602 Teacher Liu 17864266338

Without full matters, please see the notification in the competition group.

Academic Affairs Office  

June 28, 2024

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