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Notice Announcement

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Each secondary college:

To thoroughly implement the national development strategy,Create a good innovation and entrepreneurial ecological environment for young talents,It is currently held in the 1824 ICAN University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest.,Relevant matters notification is as follows:

I. Organization unit

organizer: Innovation and Entrepreneurship College

Instant: School of Intelligent Engineering

2. Registration time

From now until August 24, 2024

3. Participating objects and registration methods

Euro 2024 winner prediction(1) Participating object: All in schools、College students,For details, see the rules of each track。

(II) Registration method: Log in to "PU Pocket Campus" to sign up for the school contest。

Four, the content of the competition

(1) Innovation track。Encourage students to stimulate creative thinking,Master the innovative method,Show the team's innovative practice ability,The original innovative works that have been independently completed through the team collaboration。

(2) Entrepreneurship track。Encourage students to improve their entrepreneurial ability,Det entrepreneurial practice,Create social benefits and business value,Requires the team to further improve the project work,Complete company registration。

(3) Challenge track。Design practical innovation questions related to industry development needs,The team is produced by the team to complete the project,Stimulate students to master cutting -edge technology,Improve actual combat skills,Drive employment and entrepreneurs。The challenge question plan will be released separately。

5. Requirements for participating projects

(1) Participating projects must be combined with the Internet of Things、Artificial Intelligence、Internet、Cloud computing、Big Data、Blockchain and other new generation of information technology,Realized in a smart family、Smart Entertainment、Smart Euro 2024 Qualifiers betsCommunity、Smart Medical、Smart Transportation、Smart Education、Smart Press、Smart Manufacturing、Smart Entertainment、Innovative applications in various fields such as intelligent and environmental protection。

(2) Participating projects must comply with national laws and regulations,The original project of the participating team,The core technology used、Intellectual property rights are all in the participating team or technical holder in writing,With innovative and commercial value,It must not violate any third -party intellectual property right,All participating teams must accept the relevant exemption clauses of the competition。

(3) Participants must submit registration materials on the official website of the competition (www.g-、Project plan and other related information),Follow the official public account of the contest (ICAN contest) to get the contest notification and event information。

(4) Participating projects need to produce product prototypes that can be demonstrated and operated.,Previous National Tournament、Second prize projects cannot participate in this competition。

6. Contact information

College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Teacher Gao 89636669

School of Intelligent Engineering: Teacher Tian 89636095

Selection of on -school trials QQ group: 182750716 (the captain can enter the group)

Euro 2024 Qualifiers betsAnnex: Notice on hosting the 1824 ICAN University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurs

June 19, 2024

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Euro 2024 winner prediction

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