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Notice Announcement

2024 European Cup Betting Odds

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Each secondary college:

To cultivate students' innovative ability、Collaborative spirit and solve practical problems,Encourage the majority of students to actively participate in extracurricular science and technology activities,Create conditions for cultivating outstanding talents and serving social development,At the same time, select the excellent team to participate in 2024 European Cup Betting Oddsthe 2024 "TI Cup" Shandong Provincial College Student Electronic Design Competition,Specially held this school contest。The relevant matters will be notified as follows:

1. Organization department

Organization Department: Academic Affairs Office

In undertaking department: School of Intelligent Engineering

2. Time arrangement

Registration time: From now until May 29, 2024

School Selection Time: June 1, 2024

Shandong University Student Electronic Design Contest: 8:00 July 29, 2024 to 20:00 on August 1。

3. Participating objects and registration methods

(1) Participation object

The competition is for all the full daily standards of the whole school、College students,Professional、Grade is not limited。

(2) Registration method

Please log in to the PU platform,Search for the name of the competition for registration。

4. Organizational rules

1. Participation conditions: have a certain simulation circuit、Digital circuit、Software and hardware development capabilities and literature retrieval capabilities of the single -chip microcomputer system and the ability of science and technology papers。In principle,Students who have won awards in various science and technology competitions are preferred to register。

2. The competition is divided into undergraduate group and college group。Undergraduate students can only participate in the undergraduate competition,European Cup 2024 Predictions-Championship Predictions-Betting OddsCan't participate in the specialist group competition。College students generally participate in the specialist group competition,You can also participate in the undergraduate competition (such as undergraduate students among the participants,The team can only choose the topic of the undergraduate group)。

3. Each participating team consists of 3 students,Encourage students from different majors to form a team,Each student can only participate in one team。

4. After the participating teams are registered,You can choose the real question of the contest in the years,Submit a design plan,Real Question Download URL:,and send the design plan to the special mailbox of the competition by May 29th,Email name "24 Electric Tournament-Grade Professional (Captain) — Name (Captain) — Name (Team 1)-Name (Team 2)。

5. After the registration is over,The school will set up an electronic design competition school selection work team,Responsible for selecting the registration team。The review team will select the excellent team on behalf of the school to participate in the province's competition。

5. Contact information

Teacher Yang, Teacher's Affairs Office 89636603

Teacher Peng Peng 15169170976 Teacher Chen 13953150509

Special mailbox for the Euro 2024 Qualifiers betscompetition:

Special QQ group for the competition: 924578831

Academic Affairs Office   

May 15, 2024

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2024 European Cup Betting Odds

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