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European Cup 2024 Predictions-Championship Predictions-Betting Odds

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Each secondary college:

To further build a multi -party cooperative education platform,Promoting professional European Cup 2024 Predictions-Championship Predictions-Betting Oddseducation、Fusion of quality education,Take high -level discipline competition as teachers and students to play creativity、Important platform for teaching results,Promote the improvement of students' innovation and practice ability,The school decides to host the 2024 16th National College Student Advertising Art Contest School Selection Trial,Specific arrangements are as follows:

I. Organization Department

Organization Department: Academic Affairs Office

Propaginal departments: School of Humanities, Academy of Arts

2. Time arrangement

Registration time: May 8, 2024-June 5, 2024

Works on the work to: June 5, 2024

3. Participants

This competition is for the whole school、Specialist students,Unlimited professional、Grade。

4. Work category and creative standards

The specific propositions created by the work are based on the official proposition of the Chinese University Student Advertising Art Festival.。Classification and Requirements of Daguang Chair for detail。

5. Registration and participation

(1) Registration for the school qualifiers

Please log in to the PU platform search competition name "2024 National College Student Advertising Art Competition" to register。

Euro 2024 winner prediction(2) Participation method

The work is named "Category+College+School Number+Name+Work Name",Uniformly send the registration form (attachment 1) and the electronic version of the work to the mailbox:。

Note: Please submit it according to the standard,The format does not match the review。

PU platform registration successfully enters the group,QQ group number: 608058869。

6. Contact information

Academic Affairs Office: Teacher Yang 89636603

School of Humanities: Teacher Meng 15254169192

School of Art: Teacher Qin 18502363209


1.2024 The 16th National College Student Advertising Art Contest School Selection Trial Registration Form

2.2024 The 16th National College Student Advertising Art Contest Participation Measures

Academic Affairs Office  

May 8, 2024

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Euro 2024 winner prediction

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