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Notice on hosting the 8th University Student Science and Technology Innovation Competition of Shandong School of Management

Published: 2024-05-07 Click:

Each secondary college:

In -depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics and General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on scientific and technological innovation,Encourage the majority of young students to love science、Courage to innovate、Dare to compete,Nourishing excellent learning style,Create an innovative atmosphere,Decided organizing the 8th University Student Science and Technology Innovation Competition of Shandong School of Management。The relevant matters are notified as follows:

1. The purpose of the competition

The contest adheres to "Advocating Science、Ersenation、Pioneering Innovation、Future -oriented "concept,Cultivate the innovative spirit of college students、Exploring consciousness and practical ability,Promote learning、Promotion to learn、To promote use,Let students broaden their vision、Inspiration,Improve innovation and entrepreneurial experience,Delimination of Dream of Technology、Innovative Dream、Venture Dream entrusts the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。

2. Organization department

Organization Department: Academic Affairs Office

Institute: School of Intelligent Engineering

3, schedule arrangement

Starting time: May 2024

Registration time: From now until May 29

Competition review time: June 1, 2024

Location: Qing Campus, Dean of Shandong Management,Specific notification according to the number of applicants。

4. Participating objects and registration methods

(1) Participating objects

Participants of this competition are full -time general undergraduate and college students with formal student status in our school,Only accept group registration,Do not accept personal registration,Each team consists of 2-3 people; the instructor of each work does not exceed 2 people,It can also be independently completed by the student team; encourages the inter -college、cross -professional、Establishing a team in the New Grade。

(2) Registration method

(1) PU Pocket Campus Registration: Please log in to "PU Pocket Campus",Find the name of this competition to register for the competition。

(2) Yiban Team Registration: The captain of the team searched the name of the competition in the "Application Square" of Yiban,Then the captain registered the team to participate (only the captain signed up and fills into the team member information)。

(3) After personal registration,Packing relevant information (referred to the submitted content) in the unit of the participating team to the special registration mailbox,File naming format is "School Science and Technology Innovation Contest-Work-Topic-Types of Works (physical/Creative/Experiment/Production) — College professional grade class-captain names"。Material submission time as of May 29,Those who fail to submit materials as required to be submitted as required to give up their qualifications。

(3) Submit content

1. Each participating team fills in "Annex 1: Application for the Application of the College Student Science and Technology Innovation Competition of Shandong School of Management",PPT (5 minutes long) is sent to the special mailbox of the competition; "Annex 1" needs to be printed separately,During the on -site defense, the review teacher was submitted as the reference of the review。

2. The work or model of the work does not need to be sent,The author brings himself to the defense scene at the time of the game。

5. Work type

Work types are divided into four categories: physical works category、Creative Innovation、Experimental process and production process。The participating team can choose the type of participation based on the actual situation of the work。

physical work category: refers,Use existing knowledge and conditions,Reconstruction and upgrade or creatively designed and created new works。Innovation of physical works needs to be presented in the form of physical or prototypes,Unlimited software and hardware platform。

Creative Innovation Class: Refers to college students based on unique thinking、New ideas and creative ideas,Based on existing knowledge and ability,Design the desire to meet the needs of the public、Items with higher value -added。Creative innovation classes need to be presented in the form of models and two -dimensional or three -dimensional design drawings。

Experimental process innovation: refers to college students in the process of participating in teaching experiments,Through the experimental content、Understanding of experimental methods and experimental processes,A valuable creative and innovative ideas,Put forward your own innovative ideas and methods,Change or optimize the traditional experiment process,reducing costs、Save energy、Short time time、Improve efficiency and other purposes。Experimental process innovation must be based on the instrument teaching experiments in real curriculum teaching,and successful through actual verification。

Innovation of production process: refers to the process of college students in the process of participating in production internship,Through production tasks、Production method、Understanding of the production process,A valuable creative and innovative ideas,Put forward your own innovative ideas and methods,Change or optimize the traditional production method,reducing costs、Save energy、Short time time、Improve efficiency and other purposes。Innovation in production process must be based on real enterprise production process,and successful through actual verification。

6. Work requirements

1. Participating works must be the research and innovation results of students during school,There is a certain scientific value、Innovative value and actual application value。

2. The main author of the work does not exceed 3 people,And all authors must have practical contributions to the work。

3. The content of the entry must be healthy、Legal,No bad information。The invention and creation involved in the work、Patented Technology、Resources, etc. must have a clear and legal intellectual property or property right,When registering, you need to submit a complete authorized license letter for all legal effect、Project Appraisal Certificate、Patent Certificate, etc.。Plagiarism、Dreatry、Provide false materials or violate relevant laws and regulations,Once discovered,Cancel its qualifications,Related legal liability shall be borne by the applicant of the work。

7. Award settings

There is one of this competition、2、Third Prize,The specific reward ratio is determined according to the school discipline competition method and the registration of the competition。

8. Contact information

Academic Affairs Office: Teacher Yang 89636603

School of Intelligent Engineering: Teacher Tian 89636095

Game Exchange QQ Group: 100546339 (team captain enters the group)

Special mailbox for the competition:

Annex 1: Application of the Works of the College Student Technology Innovation Contest of Shandong School of Management

Academic Affairs Office  

May 7, 2024

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