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Notice on hosting the 2024 National College Student Business Comprehensive Capability Competition

Published: 2024-04-30 Click:

Each secondary college:

In order to comprehensively implement the spirit of education planning outline,Build a first -class teaching exchange and sharing platform,Promote the connotative development of higher education,Vigorously improve the quality of talent training,Promote learning by race、Promote teaching with the race、Combination of competition education jointly promotes the reform and development of the teaching of business sciences in various universities,Further improve the level of business teaching in each institution and quality of new business talents,Improve the innovation of participating students、Entrepreneurs、Creation ability,The Chinese Creation Society decided to host the 2024 National College Student Business Comprehensive Capability Contest。Notification of the relevant matters related to the school trials is now as follows:

1. Organization department

Organization Department: Academic Affairs Office

Propaginal departments: School of Labor Relations

2. Participants

National Higher School (including undergraduate and higher vocational colleges) full -time students with formal student status,Professional unlimited。

3, the content of the competition

This competition adopts analog software operated by Shanghai Cehong Information Technology Co., Ltd. as a special platform for competition,The students participating in the competition will form a team to simulate and operate an enterprise,Participants use the knowledge they have learned to formulate corporate strategies and production department、Marketing Department、Logistics Department、Decisions of the Department of Finance and other departments。The system according to sales income、Net profit、Eap per share、Bond rating、flow ratio、Net asset yield、Growth potential seven indicators automatically calculate the results of each participating team that year and the average results over the years。

Four, progress arrangement and registration method

1. Please log in to the PU platform,Search competition name to register,Registration time, April 30, 2024 -May 7,Material submission deadline, May 7, 2024 16:00。

2. Participating students after registering on the PU platform,Please be sure to join the QQ group at the same time:

527528921 Modification Remarks: College+name+mobile phone number。

Five, contact information

Academic Affairs Office: Teacher Yang 89636603

College of Labor Relations: Teacher Lu 17763400006

Academic Affairs Office  

April 30, 2024

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