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                The Mathematics School of Shandong University has been maintaining one of the national teaching and studying base for mathematical science and higher mathematics. As one of the schools with longest traditions in Shandong University, Mathematics School’s Predecessor was the Department of Mathematics of Science College, Tsingtao National University, which was founded in 1930. It marked the birth of the mathematics discipline of Shandong University. In 1996, replaced by the name of Mathematics School, the Department of Mathematics was renamed the School of Mathematics and Systems Science. In July 2000, the former Shandong University, Cheeloo Medical College and Shandong Polytechnic University merged into the new Shandong University. Combining mathematical strengths of these three universities contributed to the constant development and expansion of the mathematics discipline. In January 2008, the School of Mathematics and Systems Science was renamed the School of Mathematics. After nearly nine decades of hard work, the School of Mathematics has grown into a mathematical science research center and talent training center with great prestige at home and abroad.

                The School was accredited as one of the first batch of schools to set up doctoral and master programs, it was also one of the first five "National Bases for Training Basic Science Research and Teaching Talents" established in 1991. In 1998, the school was approved to set up first-class mathematics doctoral program, which includes 8 doctoral programs, such as information security, financial mathematics, financial engineering and statistics, 8 master programs and 3 postdoctoral research stations of mathematics, system science and statistics. In 2007, the discipline was rated as one of the "first batch of national first-class key disciplines", that also includes five secondary key disciplines: fundamental mathematics, computational mathematics, operational research and cybernetics, applied mathematics, probability theory and mathematical statistics. As a discipline supported by the "985 Project" and the "211 Key Discipline Construction Project" , the mathematics discipline of Shandong University was announced as one of the national first-class disciplines in 2017.

                The overall strength of the mathematics discipline of Shandong University has been taking the lead in China. It ranked the 3rd in the China Discipline Rankings by the Ministry of Education in 2012, appraised as A+ in the fourth round of China Discipline Rankings in 2017 and took the 47th position in 2016 Best Universities in the World announced by U.S.News. Besides, it has continued to rank in the top 1% in the ESI Ranking.

                The School has a team of 96 full-time teachers with a reasonable age composition and learning-origin structure, including 45 professors, 40 associate professors, 43 doctoral supervisors and 76 master supervisors. Now, the School has one academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, five Distinguished Professors of the "Chang Jiang Scholars Program" of Education Ministry, five winners of the "National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars", three talents of the "Special Support Program for High-level Personnel Recruitment" of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, two prominent educators of national institutions of higher education, seven Taishan scholars and three prominent teachers of Shandong Province. Besides, the School has one innovation group of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, two innovation teams of the Ministry of Education and two innovation teams in key areas of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

                The mathematics discipline of Shandong University is richly endowed with the teaching conditions and fundamental platform for cultivating high-quality, high-caliber and interdisciplinary innovative talents. The School was listed as one of the first batch of the "National Bases for Training Basic Science Research and Teaching Talents". In 2008, it was ratified as a finance-mathematics interdisciplinary and application-based talents cultivation experimental area by Education Ministry. In 2010, it was incorporated in the National Experimental Plan for Training Top Students in Basic Disciplines. So far, the School has two national-level teaching teams, one national-level characteristic specialty (information security), three undergraduate special experimental classes (Loo-Keng Hua Class, Pan Chengdong Class and Peng Shige Class), nine textbooks of the 10th and 12th Five-year Plans, four national-level excellent courses and two national-level excellent resource sharing courses. The School has also received three national-level teaching achievement awards.

                The School now has one key laboratory of the Ministry of Education and three key laboratories of Shandong Province, covering a total area of 780 square meters. The library and data room of the School occupy an area of 950 square meters and have a collection of 77,000 books, thus providing a strong guarantee for talent training.

                The School has always upheld the development mode of "high level, internationalization and specialization", by now, it has cultivated a group of talents with strong self-motivation, solid foundation, extensive knowledge and innovative sense and been widely praised by all sectors of the society. Academician Xia Daoxing, Academician Guo Lei of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician Wen Lan of Beijing University, Academician Peng Shige of Shandong University and Academician Wang Xiaoyun of Tsinghua University are outstanding representatives.

                The mathematics discipline of Shandong University has made world-class achievements in several important frontier fields of fundamental mathematics. In recent years, it has also achieved remarkable outcomes in the field of applied mathematics and become a new characteristic growth point of mathematics. Moreover, it has realized an array of world-renowned and globally influential research outcomes. By now, one first prize of China's State Natural Science Award and four second prizes of China's State Natural Science Award have been granted to the discipline.

                In 2021, the School of Mathematics will firmly grasp the major opportunities contained in the construction of "World-class Universities and First-class Disciplines" to promote its development. Adhering to the mission statement of "Reserving talents for the world, and seeking prosperity for the nation", Shandong University will practice the Motto of being "Noble in Spirit, Boundless in Knowledge", and pool internationally renowned scholars as well as cultivate leading outstanding talents to make significant contributions to the development of mathematics civilization and economic and financial development. Besides, the School of Mathematics will strive to build “globally advanced and top first-class” mathematics discipline.

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